• IT/Data Science

    Dr. Zahadat's has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of information technology (information systems) and data science. These include databases, coding, web development, security, digital forensic, networking, operating systems, design methods, data mining, information vizualization, virtualization, machine learning, and mobile systems.

  • Leadership

    Dr. Zahadat has a unique leadership perspective that values the employees and clients. While he is a strict disciplinarian, he believes in fairness and creating an environment that promotes growth and opportunity while providing security and peace of mind for employees.

  • Communication

    Dr. Zahadat has superb verbal and written communications skills. He has the unusual ability to get concepts across and in particular to make complex topics seem simple and manageable.

  • Training

    Dr. Zahadat has been educating and training others for years. Aside from university students, trainees have included military personnel, government agency engineers, university faculty and staff, and engineers and managers in the private sector.